Translation, Editing and Proofreading Services

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Why is Translation Important For Global Marketing?

  • Influencing Purchase Decisions
    Research by Common Sense Advisory has shown that 75% of the global population prefer to purchase products in their native language. This data input shows that communicating in the native language remains a contributing factor in making purchase decisions.


  • Maintain Competitive Edge
    Stay ahead of your competitors. Don’t lose sight of what is possible by opting to “save” against translation versions of your content. Business savings is short term. Business investment is long term. We invite you to invest in translating your website and marketing copy. Your smart decision proves that your business is willing to go far and beyond, and continuously remain relevant to the native community you are doing business with.


  • Improving Native Brand Experience
    A good translation job reflects the professionalism of the translators’ who does not only translate words but more so, they stay close to the essence of the communication by conducting the necessary research on the community’s culture and preferences. By speaking in the native language allows you to connect to your audience in their home at a personal level; you not only build a strong reputation for your brand but also ultimately ensure long term success.