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Power of Words Retreat

14th October – 19th October 2019

What is Power of Words Retreat?

Power of Words Retreat is designed to transform your relationship with yourself through the words we speak to ourselves, where you will uncover silenced thoughts and hidden stories you have kept buried for too long. With intentional and powerful workshops conducted by 5 passionate instructors – masters in yoga, theatre, breathworks, healing and releasing, and journaling you will learn to manage your thoughts and well-being by releasing, breathing, expressing and writing using the power of words.

Ignite The Power In You


Words have the power to empower and disempower; to hurt and heal; to transform and reform. Words build and burn bridges. Words are the most powerful weapon to men. It is this weapon that built dreams upon dreams. It is this weapon too that crushed dreams within dreams.

The Power of Words Retreat Revisits Dreams.  We invite you to embrace you.

Heal Wounds. Rekindle Desires. Empower You.

Your Passionate Facilitators

Meet The People Behind Your Story
Syireen R.

Syireen R.

Peaches & Pen

Monika Wyss

Monika Wyss

Heart Sanctuary

Soon Heng

Soon Heng

Shakespeare Theatre

John Stamulous

John Stamulous


Angeline Ong

Angeline Ong

Yoga Fitness

Power of Words Alert

Come to the Retreat with an Open Mind and an Open Heart. Be willing to be comfortable and uncomfortable; stay present. Experience what you are feeling and embrace what you have chosen to experience.

Seek to understand the universe that surrounds you and that is within you; the Retreat brings you tools to reveal blocks, share with you options and possibilities, house you in a safe environment for your journey of discovery.

Be willing to burst out of your bubbles. We invite you to find access to limitless possibilities and access to ‘you’ as you trigger powerful words hiding within you.

This is a movement of individuals to be part of a supportive and healing community. A safe haven for you to stay connected and revisit who you are, who you were, and who you want to become.

Imagine yourself expressing powerful emotions, uncovering impactful words that evokes change, and learning how to cleverly chose words to design the life your desire and even the change you want to see in this world.

What is possible for you?

The Power of Words Retreat was curated for those who want are a constant seeker of self-healing, self-love and self-growth. The  root of many of our blocks are what we say to ourselves that often limits we enforce on ourselves unconsciously.

This retreat recognizes words as triggers and may likely be different from retreats you have experienced. We had carefully designed the programs for participants to engage in a personal journey, though conducted in groups, stays relevant to the individual stories. This transformational program will uncover the your words and how you can use it to shape your reality.

Why a Retreat?

  1. A change of environment is a great way to jumpstart a change.
  2. You’re going to be getting workshops and learn tools to hack on your personal growth from 5 different facilitators.
  3. Transform your being and create internal shifts
  4. Be part of a growing, healing community that is supportive of your growth
  5. Rediscover You through reflections
  6. Lifetime membership to annual POW retreat as a reviewer
  7. Back to Basics by going Back to Nature.

Growth is in everything you do. Once you get past the block that limits you, the possibilities are endless. It is a choice to move on or to stay paralyze.