Syireen R, Founder

Syireen R received her undergraduate degree from the School of Journalism, University of Missouri Columbia, USA.

She pursued her MSc. Corporate Science at Universiti Putra Malaysia.

Her career path witnessed her sitting behind corporate desks, educating aspiring young minds wanting to be part of the communication industry, consulting leaders of GLCs, Universities and SMEs and now managing her own outfit showcases her colourful and adventurous nature  – a reflection of the lady behind Peaches & Pen.

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We are Lovers of WORDS

What you will inherit by engaging us is a pool of dedicated writers who are passionate about the worth of every word penned and the essence of every word uttered into the universe.  Our founder carves, design, composes multiple work of different genres and industries; she meticulously studies – she dives into every word for perspective and as a reflection of how we communicate personally, professionally and spiritually.

Pick up the phone and dial +6019 388 1774 and drop us a line at to rediscover Whats Your Word Worth.